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In the Mirror I Stood Sherry Tillman

In the Mirror I Stood

Sherry Tillman

Published May 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781605947204
238 pages
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 About the Book 

As a 30-year old single mom to Daniel, Lillie Masterson longs to live her life without the burdens and pains of her past, to live, love, and laugh in a way that offers no excuses or apologies for her successes and failures because after all, its her life. But the heaviness in her heart often holds her back in stifling fear. Lillie wants to break free but has no idea how to begin. She lives as normal life as she can, fulfilling expectations placed upon her by loved ones as a dutiful parent, daughter, sibling, and friend who hardly ever complains. To look at her, one would never know the things going on inside her head. She conceals it with the expertise of a seasoned actress, and excels despite her pain. For every planned occasion, she wears a mask, and for unscheduled events, she puts on academy award-winning performances. That is, until she loses her father. His death sets the stage for what will prove to be an unrehearsed saga, her personal journey to healing from the inside out. Sherry A. Tillman resides in the Washington DC area and has held positions in communication for many years. She is pleased to present, In the Mirror, I Stood, a story about healing, letting go, and living life to the fullest!